Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving at Huntington Beach

Thursday, November 24, 2005

See our kids in Cali

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are spending Thanksgiving with our daughter Melissa and son-in-law Matt here in Huntington Beach. It is a beautiful place and we are very blessed to spend time with the kids since they were unable to travel back home. We give thanks to God in so many wonderful ways for so many things.

Our home closed last Friday without a hitch. We celebrate God's answer to prayer that our home would sell at the right time, to the right peope, for the right price. We are so thankful that God answered every prayer and everything went without a hitch.

I have picked up a few more donations and I want to thank all of you who share so sacrificially toward our support. We have a long way to go but we celebrate every sacrificial gift and every monthly partner. You have part in our ministry to reach lost people.

Yesterday I met Justin, a homeless 24 year old who was searching. God gave me the opportunity to speak with him and to encourage him to reconnect with God. As you pray, please pray for him. Pray for his safety and for God to work in his life.

Please pray for:

Our safety while away.

- For God's wisdom and protection from the evil one.

- For God to bless us with the partners we need for personal support.

- For God to lead us to the church planters and teams.

- For our time away as Michelle finishes her final course work so we can finally be in St. Louis.

- For a church planter team I am cultivating and meeting next week.

Praise God:

- Michelle is doing great now that our stuff is moved. I really beieve this time away from the move and from classes is good for her. She has had very limited problems with her dizziness. We give God complete praise. This is a miracle considering how bad she was just a week ago.

- We will have our Thanksgiving Dinner on Huntington Beach tommorrow afternoon. We will sit around in lawn chairs, build a campfire and eat the meal together. At that time we will remember each of you who pray for us spiritually and who provide for us materially. We love each and everyone of you.

- This weekend (Sat) we fly to Chicago. I will go to St. Louis to check out the house. We will head for Elkhart on Monday so Chel can attend classes. We will likely head to St. Louis also next weekend. Please continue to pray for God opened doors as we capture both St. Louis and Kansas City for Christ.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving With Our Prayers,

Bob & Michelle

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