Monday, December 29, 2008

So far so good on the Summer Internship 2009!

With our desire to see a reformation of New Testament Christianity spread across America we are focusing on raising up Next Generation Leaders to reach their own generation - one that is largely exiting the modern American Church. This generation longs to experience the Jesus and the miraculous power of God they have only read about in Scriptures.

One such young college student recently stated that she has read about freedom in the Bible but that she just cannot experience it for herself. The truth is that there is freedom from everything for everyone who desires it. We have done a great job talking about who Jesus is and what He offers but we have not done such a great job showing people how to experience all that Jesus offers. Our young adults have watched us - their parents and leaders talk about freedom but then not have it in our own lives. We have a settled in for a less than what God offers all of us. They (younger generations) want to experience the Jesus they have read about - the Jesus of the New Testament, the Jesus of resurrection power.

So far so good on our attempts to enroll a group of young college age students to attend our internship in Jackson Hole this coming summer 2009. We are more than halfway of our goal. Both Anthony Marks and Mark Goodman our team leaders will take the group through a process of intentional discipleship that will enable every young leader to go back home and make the difference in their own generation. If Jesus and freedom is what they are seeking then it is Jesus and His freedom that we will give them to give to others. To say the least it will be a transformational summer for the group. And, they get housing, food and employment in one of the most beautiful places in America. So each intern can leave broke for the internship and come home with some savings.

Please pray for this internship program and for all the young leaders who attend. From my experience, nothing has profoundly changed my life like this training. After more than 25 years as a Pastor of growing churches, my eyes have been opened and it is so New Testament and so simple. Why do we have to complicate the simplicities of God's redemptive plan?

God is already and will continue to use the Next Generation Leaders to bring a reformation of New Testament Christianity to America. I am truly seeing this happen in my lifetime. See sunministries for more info.


At December 31, 2008 1:23 AM, Anonymous David said...

So women are silent in church and everyone shares their property.

That's New Testament.

At December 31, 2008 2:20 AM, Anonymous David said...

Oh, and Jesus was not pro-family. Nor was Jesus concerned with a "social gospel". He said the poor would always be around.

I hope you have similar disregard for families and the marginalised.

As long as they are conscious enough to listen to a forced conversion to save them from Hell, you have done your job.

Let's all suicide so we can go to Heaven early.

At December 31, 2008 11:09 AM, Blogger Bob Carder said...

Oh David, such gloom - but truth intermingled with your own painful experience. I don't like what the so-called church has done to Jesus and His message either.

But wait until we get the team back from the internship. After that I'll show you the church and it won't be silent women and shaved heads and forced conversions.

It will be alive with freedom and power to set captives free. I'll prove it to you, I promise.


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