Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank God for those Great Commissional Followers

If it hadn't been for those God-loving people who were committed to fulfilling the Great Commission -I would not be in the Christ family today.

I now love Jesus "true worship" and because I have intimacy with Him I love what He loves and He loves people and left me here to reach as many as I can for Him -so more will love Him and obey Him so more can love Him and obey Him.

I'm glad those who reached me didn't just sit around going through "worship" motions while I was doomed for hell. Their love for Jesus propelled them to reach me by living Great Commissionally.

Now you know why I hold to the value of living out the Great Commission with supremacy over all other things. By the way, if one is committed to living Great Commissionally all the other stuff and I mean all the other stuff will happen naturally. As I live Great Commissionally I must pray, I must die to self, I must sit at the feet of Jesus, I must give sacrificially, I must reach out to the poor and needy, care for widows and orphans, I must serve & love. And if I don't naturally do these things - I won't be living Great Commissionally.


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