Sunday, November 19, 2006

Now what do you think...?

George Barna really did hit a homerun in "The Revolution" a couple years back (if that long). Who would have thought that since Revolution and many attacks by the religious, criticisms by the church and editorials later - time is redeeming him.

My wife and I moved to St. Louis by faith to begin redefining church and engaging a disciple-making movement where more transparency, authenticity and cultural relevance. The dream and opportunity to join with God in creating a Church that lives as the Church in America was appealing to say the least. I thought -if this can happen in other countries than it can happen here as well.

Last spring I attended the Missionary Church keystone project and teaching of Richard Greene. My life was turned upside down. Richard, a career missionary to Africa saw a Disciples-making disciples movement rise up and spread like wildfire as believers accepted the Supremacy of the Great Commission. My peers outside of keystone told me it was impossible for this to occur in America because of our culture. I knew then that nothing is impossible for God. But when I left Keystone training I made the commitment to spend the rest of my life living the supremacy of the Great Commission and also training leaders to live it and helping all believers understand and live it also. Jesus gave the Great Commission for all of us to obey.

And now since August of 2006, we have our first group of committed disciplemakers here in our new True Vine Church in St. Louis metro. Our congregation (everyone) has owned the main thing as the main thing and are now living under the supremacy of the Great Commission. Everyday, Pastor Terry calls me with another miraculous story from his group of disciple-makers who are seeing the Great Commission coming alive and being fulfilled as personally engaged.

While many authors including Barna identify a problem - I still haven't seen anyone other than Richard Greene reveal the cause of the problem. We don't need another man conjured up way of doing ministry, nor another style, form or gimmik for ministry! We need to rediscover the leading of the Holy Spirit and engage "every believer" ownership of the Supremacy of the Great Commission. We need to become the Church that lives incarnationally in the world by making disciples who themselves make disciples who also do the same. Then and only then will we experience in America what God is doing around the world.


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